8. Brian Szabo – Jewelry/Custom Knives
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Brian Szabo

Facebook: Brian Szabo Sicangu Artist

Brian was raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation by parents Paul and Ann Szabo. He grew up watching and working alongside his father, an accomplished silversmith. In high school Brian began to learn the art of silverwork as well as different techniques and uses of natural and traditional elements. His father and step-mother, Linda Szabo, helped to guide his art and design work.

In 2004 Brian started to pursue his own career in art by entering the Northern Plains Indian Art Market. His debut resulted in a 1st place in the jewelry and decorative metal work category of the contest. He has returned to NPIAM every year since and collected many more ribbons in metalwork and mixed media.

Brian’s work is inspired by his Native American heritage and up-bringing. He utilizes a contemporary twist on traditional designs and materials. Buffalo, elk, deer, antelope bone, horn and antler are traditional materials that have been utilized for centuries for a variety of applications in Native traditions. Brian takes these elements and mixes them with silver and stone in order to create pieces steeped in tradition but fit for a modern world.

Brian and his family of five currently live in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, where he balances his career as an artist with his full-time job of being a stay-at-home father to his two young sons and daughter. He can be contacted by phone at 608-399-4477 or email at szaboart@yahoo.com.

Bone, Horn and Antler Jewelry
Brian’s art is made from an assortment of horn and bone, stone, metal and wood. All pieces that are black are made of the outer part of the buffalo horn, called the cap. Pieces that are white are made from buffalo bone, or moose and elk antler. The red that is in so many of Brian’s pieces is pipestone, a very important material to the Lakota. Brian also uses turquoise, lapis, black onyx (beads), fossilized ivory, silver, wood, carnelian and a variety of other bones, horns, stones and natural materials.