3. Broadwing Clay Studio
Ric Lamore
Tour Location:
broadwing clay studio
503 Hwy A
Cambridge, WI


Ric Lamore

Foremost in my efforts to be a better craftsman is the knowledge that our craft is truly humbling. After 30 years, I am still amazed how much there is to learn. It’s truly inspiring.In the last 6 years, my work has evolved into three areas:One being my functional work, it has taken on some new looks; primarily, carving on a variety of forms, both functional and non-functional. I have also begun a line of face jugs and totems. In contrast, I have developed a line of pit fired, non functional work. The use of very simple chemicals and natural products has created a group of very whimsical pieces.Finally, I have built a three chambered wood kiln, combining functional and non functional ware. The completeness of the process is truly a challenge. All that goes in to making the ware, the glaze choices, and loading each chamber is crucial. The type of wood, the people who work shifts down to the last five minutes of the firing can determine the outcome.These three areas keep me very engaged and inspired. We hope that you enjoy the work.