12. Will’s Woodworking
Will Wipperfurth – Wood Artist
N8016 Cty Hwy G
Lake Mills, wi




I have always loved working with wood. From early childhood, I began creating things with hand tools and remember my first electric jig saw; this led to a studio full of the hand and power tools I use to create my unique designs. My dad and a retired neighbor were early mentors who inspired me in this journey.

I graduated from making cabinets and furniture early in my career to making boxes. This has allowed me to express my creative side in smaller, yet functional works. With many years of experience, I am able to visualize a design in my mind, draw it to scale, choose complimentary woods, and create beautiful, useful, and artistic pieces. It is great to watch people as they explore my many box designs with their eyes and hands and offer their positive remarks. I design and build everything you see, as I work alone, doing all work from start to finish. The unique pieces of wood utilized in my creations make for a one-of-a-kind keepsake I hope you truly enjoy.